Wednesday, March 28, 2007

France demolish England

March 12, 2006

France destoyed England 31-6 in Paris this afternoon, scoring three tries to nil.

England tumbles out of the top spot and are clinging by their fingernails for a mathematical chance to claim the Six Nations title.

France and Ireland are now tied at top of the table, but France has a superior points differential and faces a much easier task next week as they travel to Wales, while Ireland travels to Twickenham. It now looks like France's championship to lose.

The current standings after Round Four (with tie-breaker +/- point differential):

France 3-1 (+58)
Ireland 3-1 (+30)
England 2-2 (+18)
Scotland 2-2 (-6)
Wales 1-2-1 (-50)
Italy 0-3-1 (-50)


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