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IRB begins investment in Tier 3 unions

April 20, 2006

IRB begins investment in Tier 3 unions

IRB press release

20 APRIL 2006

The International Rugby Board (IRB) today announced the details of High Performance investments for Tier 3 Unions that is part of the £30 million global strategic investment programme announced last year. Georgia, Portugal, Tunisia and Russia have been identified as key Tier 3 Unions for investment over the next three years.

“The IRB is committed to investing £1.5 million in Tier 3 High Performance initiatives as part of the strategic investment programme over the next three years. The programme is designed to increase the competitiveness of international rugby,” explained International Rugby Board Chairman Syd Millar.

“The implementation of strategic investment initiatives within our Tier 1 and 2 Unions, including high performance programmes, infrastructure projects and new tournaments is now well underway. Now we are turning our attention to developing Tier 3 Unions that have the potential to become Tier 2 Unions.”

Significant investment

“Following a recent in depth review of nine Tier 3 Unions, £900,000 will be invested in Georgia, Portugal and Tunisia. Based on the review and differing requirements Georgia and Portugal will both receive £360,000 and Tunisia £180,000 over three years. In addition Russia will receive a one-off payment of £40,000 for special project funding and we will meet with the Union this month to discuss the future development of Rugby in the country,” added Millar.

The investment comes on top of the annual development grants which the Tier 3 Unions currently receive from the IRB. The investments will be used to develop high performance strategies in terms of player and coaching programmes and to improve Union management and playing infrastructures.

“Georgia, Portugal and Russia all compete in Division 1 of the European Nations Cup that is managed by FIRA-AER (the IRB European Regional Association) in which the IRB has invested £340,000 this year in the form of a grant. Tunisia is currently attempting to qualify for the Rugby World Cup finals for the first time via Round 2 of African zone qualification.”

“The balance of the Tier 3 funding programme, which is approximately £600,000, will be invested in creating more inter-region competitions between Tier 3 Unions over the next three years. This funding is also additional to the £1.85 million that the IRB is already investing in the implementation of inter-regional competitions, providing a very important platform for the development of these Unions,” said Millar.

IRB Global Strategic Investment Programme

“This initial investment in the Tier 3 Unions is part of the £30 million, global IRB strategic investment programme that was launched last August. It further highlights the IRB’s ongoing commitment to develop the Game through a significant number of high performance initiatives across the world,” added Millar.

Source: IRB


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