Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Six Nations nailbiting…

March 10, 2006

The Six Nations gets back to business this weekend. Round Four features the most dynamic and enormous test matches of the tournament and will likely decide the fate of the winners and losers.

The current standings after 3 tests (with tie-breaker +/- point differential):

England 2-1 (+43)
France 2-1 (+33)
Ireland 2-1 (+24)
Scotland 2-1 (=0)
Wales 1-2 (-50)
Italy 0-3 (-50)

Rugby Planet previews:

France vs. England at Stade de France, Paris. This is the Big One. The team that wins this test should -- repeat: "should" -- settle the tournament, but this has been a crazy year and you'd be a fool to count Scotland out the way they've been playing (and hey, Ireland's still in with a big chance too). Rugby Planet predicts France to win by 5 points. prediction: France by 4 points. Sportingzone's rugby expert David Gee picks France by 12 points.

Ireland vs. Scotland at Lansdowne Road, Dublin. Rugby PLanet predicts Ireland to win by 8 points. prediction: Ireland by 10 points. David Gee picks Scotland by 5 points.

Wales vs. Italy at Millenium Stadium. The Wooden Spooner? Rugby Planet picks Wales by 5 points. prediction: Wales by 13 points. David Gee picks an upset with Italy by 8 points.


Matt Brown of The Rugby Channel laments the cop-out that is the TMO. I really like the topics that Matt addresses, and I especially like the way he presents debate by offering online video clips. My only regret is that I would like to link to Matt's commentaries, but those are email exclusives only -- those emails are free for registration, and I would recommend all rugby fans do that. But you can still view his video link. Go there, check out the video, and sign up for his column today!


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