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Are you ready for Rugby Reality TV?

July 13, 2006

Just got this interesting notice in the latest Rugby eNews letter.

Only in America could a business tycoon who specialises in buying sporting franchises propose a 'modified' sevens tournament and turn it into a reality TV show set amid a "high roller" Las Vegas environment.

The tournament will be staged in the Orleans Arena, a 9,500 seat indoor stadium in Nevada, Las Vegas, home to the Las Vegas Wranglers Ice hockey team. And of course the stadium is located in the Orleans Hotel/Casino. The playing field will be reduced to 60 (54.864 metres) yards long by 40 (36.576 metres) yards wide and has been described as being "Race Track Rugby, the ideal format for Sportsbook and paramutual wagering."

The reality TV aspect of the event will be packaged into episode format and is intended to: "take viewers behind the scenes with players so they can witness the real-life dramas that unfold in the glitzy 'high roller' atmosphere of Las Vegas."

Entrepreneur Bill Tatham of Fresno, California, whose family has owned franchises in the NBA, USFL, and WFL, is head of the American Rugby Football League and owner of the rights to all professionalised American sevens events.

Good luck to 'em, I guess.

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