Thursday, August 02, 2007

Last minute Canadian RWC TV jitters

Setanta just mailed a letter of notice to their broadband subscribers.

One wonders whether they're going to get anything done in time for the launch of their "supposed" cable TV in Canada.

Will we see the RWC on TV in Canada? Fans are still anxious to know. It's worrying. Even the launch of this re-jigged broadband service is cutting it close to the bone. The Rugby World Cup kicks-off at 3pm ET Friday 7 September (France v Argentina).

Hopefully that rumour (see post below) about a possible TV partnership - rumoured announcement to be made circa August 10 - will bear fruit.

In part, Setanta's broadband subscriber notice reads:


From September 1, we’ll be launching a new Canadian service and all our subscribers will have their subscriptions moved over to the new service. This service will include all the headline content currently offered on the North America service [IRB Rugby World Cup 2007, the RBS Six Nations Championship], as well as some great extras, including additional Barclays English Premier League matches.

During the transition, we will also be upgrading the Setanta Sports viewing console, delivering faster speeds for high resolution clips so you can make the most of your internet connection. Medium resolution clips will still be available at 300Kbps, but for those subscribers with the necessary broadband speed, you’ll soon be able to watch at 600Kbps, which will allow you to enjoy all the action in our clearest-ever picture.

The new service will also be charged in Canadian dollars, making payment even more convenient. Whether you are an annual or a monthly subscriber, we will honour the duration of your last payment for the North American service and then from your next payment date you will be charged in local currency.

The cost of the new service will be $149.99 (CDN) for an annual subscription, or $14.99 (CDN) for a monthly subscription. This is a slight increase in the price of a monthly subscription, but with so many exciting improvements coming up, we think you’ll feel it is well worth it.

And what's more, if you've been thinking of moving over to our annual package, now is a great time to change. With annual rates frozen at $149.99, you are effectively getting two months free, plus you can also enjoy loads of fantastic content not included in a monthly subscription.

In September, the entire Rugby World Cup 2007 will be included as part of an annual subscription. We also have the UEFA Champions League matches to look forward to, as well as Euro 2008 qualifiers, coverage of the GAA All-Ireland Championship, next year’s RBS Six Nations tournament, and lots more.

If you wish to upgrade to an annual package – or to cancel your current subscription – drop our customer service team a line at

Question: Will "monthly" subscribers also receive the "entire" RWC package?

Stay tuned...


At 9:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Terror,

It all starts today!

What's the story - any way to watch it on cable, PPV, perhaps even online?

At 10:12 AM , Blogger Dave said...

In North America, SETANTA TV will be broadcasting some matches live, others on tape. They also offer a Broadband ($14.99) and Premium TV services ($199) with all games broadcast live. Check your local cable provider, and visit Setanta North America click here.

At 9:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Score just showed the Canada-Wales game live. The feed was from Setanta.

At 9:49 AM , Blogger Dave said...

Was it on The Score? I saw that Rogers Sportsnet was carrying it. They have an agreement to show all Canada's RWC test matches on Sportsnet.

At 10:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rogers Sportsnet? That's fine if you have Rogers... dammit...

The Score showed the game live but didn't list it in their schedules at all (although it might have been called Total Rugby, which is a quite different show). I only found it by accident.

I've seen some of the other games available on PPV for 24.99, but they weren't even live.

Guess I'll be watching it all down the pub this year.

At 12:01 PM , Blogger Dave said...

Where do you live? Who/what is your local cable provider? (Who carries most of the BLue Jay telecasts?) Here in southern Ontario, Rogers rules the roost, and Sportsnet is regular basic cable, available on all their packages.

At 9:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
I'm in Ottawa, our cable provider is Look.

PPV appears to be covering everything (Viewer's Choice)at 29 bucks a go. It's steep but amazingly enough, competitive with the pub prices.

There's only one bar in Ottawa (that I know of) with Setanta and it's charging 20 bucks at the door for every game. So if the wife and I want to go and watch, that's 40 bucks even before a beer or two.

So PPV it is then, for everything but the Canada games. Those are on The Score and Sportsnet.

20 bucks at the pub!

Setanta can't be that expensive, surely...


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