Saturday, October 06, 2007

Red Terror Suicide Watch

It's the shape of the rugby ball. Click image.


At 4:09 AM , Blogger Sara said...

just wanted to say, i really like this blog!

At 11:42 AM , Blogger Forkhead said...

I've been living in Paris the past several years and moved back to Canada just this week. That was a major oversight since I chose the return date. I should've stayed another month!

Great blog. Keep it up.

At 11:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You stopped an interesting that because your team got knocked out..?

Because you're a NZ supporter you've stopped blogging since c30? minutes after the result on Saturday in Europe.

Pull yourself together and after 6 days of staying off-line [ sulking? ] put some comments / match reports / analysis down. A generally good web blog - with some debatable sayings on it [ "everyone loves the all blacks" and some bigoted commments about Northern Hemisphere teams...surely Canada is in the Northern Hemisphere ?]. You kept it going for 7+ months so why waste all that time and effort by leaving the last 2 weeks of Rugby World Cup blank?

You're either a rugby fan or some kind of jingoistic / nationalistic flag waving rugby supporter. Rather than someone who can objective and say that; "maybe the better team won", or "my team made mistakes", or "was wrong", and also be a rugby fan who happens to support/favour one team but can comment on good play by others - like Argentina who deserve all the plaudits they are getting.

I'm going to email you some points directly and I'll be copying my Kiwi [NZ], Scottish and English friends in on it. I have a Kiwi friend who despite the All Blacks losing is spending $NZ 20,000 to fly to Paris for this weekend to see both semi-finals and the next weekend's play-off and final. He's prepared to take any good natured 'flak' from; English, French, South African, Argentine, Scots, Irish, Welsh, Italian, Australian, Fijian, Tongan, Samoan and the other team's supporters. Because in case some people who read your blog are not regular rugby fans the All Blacks are not loved by everyone. This is partly because they and their supporters are sometimes so arrogant and bad sports and BAD LOSERS. You dish criticism and adverse comments about everyone else in World Rugby and when you get criticised or lose you can't take the comments / banter and teasing that you fling out on a regular basis to everyone else in World Rugby. There are some great kiwi [NZ] fans but there are a stack of you who need to grow up and appreciate other teams and other opinions about World Rugby and also your team's capabilities, ethics and public relations with the rest of the rugby fraternity and sorority.

Just in case anyone else visits this blog and can't access loads of news websites the big news of the RWC Quarter Finals held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October in Wales / France is that;

Argentina beat Scotland
England beat Australia
South Africa beat Fiji
France beat New Zealand

[ see BBC News Sports report at for the France vs New Zealand match report and from there you can access all the others ]

Blogs like this are too good to waste even if your team loses. All you need to have done is take a 2 days time-out, get over your upset and then copy some news websites into the blog to keep it ticking over..are you going to stay quiet until early 2011 now?

Play up play the game and support another team in the tournament like Argentina if you can't support any of the other 3.

Best wishes

James Shine

England Rugby Fan
I do have Irish, Scottish, Welsh, New Zealand, French, South African rugby friends.

( I had to tick anonymous on "identity" as not a regular blogger )

At 8:51 AM , Blogger Dave said...

I'll get back on top of it asap. Rugby is small potatoes to me right now. I have a deadline this Tuesday to complete an art project (hey, some of us have to work and make a living!) for one of the biggest banks in Canada. A blog is a hobby, not a career, and I'm old enough to know the difference. I still haven't even seen video tape of the Sunday QFs and hope I can see the SFs this weekend, but even that may have to wait until after Tuesday. I'll give a full wrap when I can sit down and make the time.


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