Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Lone Gunman

It defies belief, but the FFR is washing their hands and passing the buck on l'Affaire Bastareud with an obvious cover-up to protect conspirators and blame it on a single man.

I am sure Laurent Bénézech will have more to say about this obvious smoke-screen (see previous posts).

Google translation:

The development of Pierre Camou

In an interview published by Midi Olympique, the president of the Federation reaffirms its support for the staff of Blue and announced that the Disciplinary Committee should punish the player.

As the father of Mathieu Bastareaud has proclaimed his anger in the press last week - including denying having cancer while the information was issued by the player himself to the doctor of the team of France - Pierre Camou is also emerged from his silence. Questioned about this at the conference of the Federation in Strasbourg last weekend, the president of the FFR, whose silence became heavy, has finally delivered his opinion on this matter in an interview published by Midi Olympique on Monday .

Annoyed by some questions on this lie became an affair of state after the apologies of the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and french, the successor to Bernard Lapasset strongly reaffirmed the continued Jo Maso at his post. Some spoke of a possible dismissal of manager of the French team, but Pierre Camou said he "was never in danger." If it concedes the lack of relevance of a night out between two tests, it vigorously defended his staff: "I say, I repeat and I repeat: everyone has fulfilled its role, ensures there. I want to reiterate that the players are professionals (...) The players are adults. You can not put a guard in front of each room. It is their responsibility. "

"There will obviously a sanction"

Mathieu Bastareaud should be the only one to pay the mess in this case. "The Disciplinary Committee has received, it will be independent in its investigation and then, proposals for possible sanctions", said the president of the FFR, as that "there is obviously a penalty, if only in relation to the injury of a people, an entire nation, had to endure." There are still no date fixed for the consideration of case of player who, moreover, is always placed in a clinic in the Paris area to rest.

"What worries me most is the health of the player," says Pierre Camou. A health condition which returned Max Guazzini in the Sunday issue Stage 2, providing further reassurance. But the president of the french stage once again threw the trouble on this matter very opaque in stating that "if (Bastareaud, NDLR) not telling the truth, perhaps because it protects people ... "The investigation requested by the President of the FFR is supposed to shed light on this matter." ...

Total farce.

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