Wednesday, March 28, 2007

‘Another great talent gone to waste’ …?

April 10, 2006

A cautionary tale about Andrew Walker, the dual Australian international who has fallen on hard times. The troubled 32-year old Walker was suspended in 2004 for cocaine-use and is contemplating--but not holding his breath-- whether he has a future in union or league.

I don't care if I never play again

As the September1 date marking the end of his suspension nears, people are asking Walker when he's returning to the game.

He has kept fit during his time on the sidelines and says he still has a passion for the two rugby codes. But he says he has no burning desire to play again. He's content earning an honest living - juggling two jobs, spending time with his family, being a better husband, a better father.

If and when an offer to play again arises, he'll consider it, he says.

But if he never again straps on a boot, he insists he'll be content living a "normal" life.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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