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March 30, 2006

Former Canadian test captain Al Charron retired from international rugby following a nasty knee collision against Tonga in the 2003 World Cup. Charron is arguably Canada's greatest-ever international forward -- some would rate him as Canada's best ever at any position.

On a Rugby Canada post published today, Charron writes about his post-rugby years tipping the scales at 300 lbs and longing for a return to youth and rugby. It's a long & entertaining read, here's a taste:

"Rugby is a fun game but it can crush you, physically fit or unfit. If you’re unfit it is less fun and you will be found out. So where was the motivation to work out now? It was negligible. Health concerns and appearance be damned, I still was in a funk and a happy to be a semi slob.

"Call it post-retirement blues or whatever the only desire I had for a piece of gym equipment came in the form of a sectional couch! I put in long hours on that baby with no tightness or soreness to follow. The only swelling that occurred was the girth around the stomach area and my J Lo fat ass!"

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