Friday, March 30, 2007

Argentina Rugby Union funding problems

May 5, 2006

From Newstalk ZB, via the New Zealand Herald:

Argentine Rugby Union in the red

05.05.06 4.00pm

It looks like the All Blacks test cannot come soon enough for the Argentine Rugby Union.

The UAR has lost an insurance court case and is now out of pocket for nearly $1 million.

A young player who was injured and became a quadriplegic sued the Argentine Union and has won the court case. The UAR has had its bank accounts seized as well.

The All Blacks test in Buenos Aires next month is sure to bring some financial relief, although what sort of crowd will be at the test is anyone's guess, given the Argentine soccer team is due to play a World Cup round of 16 game the same day.

Union officials say they will carry on finding ways to pay creditors.



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