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Guinness is good for you

May 3, 2006


This is more like it.

Rugby Canada press release.


May 03, 2006

Toronto, ON

Rugby Canada’s premier partnership with Guinness is about to rise to a new level. Recent developments with the world’s most recognized stout will see Rugby Canada displayed even more prominently, courtesy of Guinness.

“The Rugby Canada logo is already on each case of Guinness sold in Canada,” states Nick Taylor, Rugby Canada Director of Marketing & Communications. “There are also Rugby Canada images on certain retail gift items such as Guinness bottle openers and glassware.”

"We have also been told that plans are in place to soon have all licensed premises that serve Guinness doing so in glasses adorned with the Rugby Canada logo. The same will apply to special event plastic containers."

Guinness has been involved with rugby in one capacity or another for over 20 years. Having been the title sponsor for major events such as the 1999 World Cup, Guinness more recently became the title sponsor of England's top rugby competition. With twelve fully professional clubs, the Guinness Premiership attracts the biggest and the best from around to world.

Last October, Guinness joined forces with Rugby Canada sponsoring both the men's and women's Canadian National Teams: Guinness is featured prominently on those team uniforms with the new Guinness logo on the chest of the jersey, and the familiar pint glass adorning the back collar.

The news of the sponsorship was released last October, when Guinness chose Canada for the global launch of their new look and draught. As was planned, the relationship has grown: Guinness will soon deliver the Rugby Canada image to an even wider audience.

“As one of the top-selling beverages worldwide, Guinness is also displaying Rugby Canada outside of bars and pubs,” added Taylor. “Guinness’s website already carries much information about Rugby Canada and the delivery trucks that carry the precious dark liquid boldly feature the special Rugby Canada logo on Canada’s streets and highways.”

For more information on Guinness and Rugby Canada, visit their website at:

Source: Rugby Canada

(The graphic was lifted from an old advertisement in a 1930 issue of the Illustrated London News. It's fantastic to see Canada's national rugby team get the support and sponsorship of a partner that has shown a commitment to rugby for a long time.)


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