Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Umaga, again

April 11, 2006

Umaga made his debut match on WWE Raw last night, slapping around and squashing some nameless jobber. Gone is the wild mane from last week, replaced by newly braided cornrows -- lookin' like dreadlocks, hmmm?

This week's Umaga:
new umaga

Last week's Umaga:
old umaga

(Something makes me think that tattoo isn't permanent.)

Okay, let's run it down again . . . Umaga is Samoan, has dreads, wears black trunks, makes aggressive hand gestures, stomps his feet and shouts something that sounds suspiciously like Kapa O Pango. He pokes out his tongue in a crouch with his hands on his hips during rest breaks in the brawling. says, "While little is still known about Umaga’s mysterious past, Umaga has already sent shockwaves through out the RAW locker room, becoming an instant threat to all."

All-rightie, then.


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