Friday, April 06, 2007


Welcome to Red Terror blogspot page Version 3.0. I was last posting here 18 months ago, then was recruited to be the rugby columnist for an enthusiastic up-start American sports website called Most Valuable Network, which has since re-christened itself

The gig at MVN went fairly well, I was posting an average of one-per-day. However, around Christmas 2006 the organization went to a new ISP server. The transition was a massive headache. For many days and weeks, I could not login to post new blog entries, and all readers seemed to get were empty pages and error messages. The readership fell off fast, which was not a positive step leading into an important World Cup year. Things have barely improved the past three months, and naturally, being an American website, rugby was given a very low priority.

Headaches worsened with the unwieldy new set-up making life difficult to do even the simplest of tasks, such as sizing and positioning images manually in HTML. Moreover, YouTube links could not be embedded. And every day meant wasting time manually deleting excessive spam for Xanax, Viagra and "Big Dick" pills. All in all, it was becoming a debilitating mess, so my return to the original Red Terror blogspot site is really a big dose of Tylenol, where life is much, much easier. The 400+ MVN posts from the past 18 months have been manually transferred and are now stored in the March 2007 and April 2007 archives. If this is your first visit, by all means take some time and dig through the old archives.

Please be sure to bookmark and look forward to regular blog posting momentarily...


p.s. The above artwork is a manipulation (cough!) of Joseph Luke Fleury's "Phar Lap Before the Chariot of the Sun," an appropriate symbol marking the transitional passing of one realm to another ~ on the anniversary of that shocking news 75 years ago to-day.


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