Thursday, April 05, 2007

RWC 2007: USA Eagles Cup preparation

January 24, 2007

Via USA Rugby:


BOULDER, Colo. -

Men’s National Team Head Coach Peter Thorburn has officially announced the program that will be used leading up to the 2007 IRB Rugby World Cup in France. ...

The first Rugby World Cup training camp is being held Feb. 18-24 in San Diego. With 60 players, 10 staff and specialty coaches being brought in to focus on a range of rugby specific components of the game. From the scrum to lineouts and kicking skills to ball retention, Coach Thorburn is really looking to fine tune the U.S. squad’s skills with as much technical training as possible. ...

The 50 players that Thorburn has officially invited to this first camp include Mark Aylor, Brian Barnard, Patrick Bell, Aaron Beuhring, Will Brazier, Blake Burdette, Adam Casias, Todd Clever, Mark Crick, Philip Eloff, Chad Erskine, Vahafolau Esikia, Michael French, Jason Guerts, Riaan Hamilton, Elwood Hullinger, Scott Jones, Kimball Kjar, Danny LaPrevotte, Brian Lemay, Jason Lett, Andrew Locke, Mike Mangan, Dominic Mara, Travis Meidinger, Hayden Mexted, Matekitonga Moeakiola, Kevin Mongold, Christopher Moreno, Tasi Mounga, Jone Naqica, Andrew Osborne, Chris Osentowski, Alec Parker, Dan Payne, Rikus Pretorius, Latu Puloka, Patrick Quinn, Nathan Rogers, Ronald Rosser, Douglas Rowe, Andrew Ryland, Jake Stanfill, Louis Stanfill, Albert Tuipolotu, John Vander Geissen, Francois Viljoen, John Vitale, Ben Weidmer, and David Williams. The remaining ten players and the specialty coaches have yet to be confirmed.

More details here.


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