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RWC2011: Eden Park & more

December 2, 2006

There's been a political battle-royale in Auckland, New Zealand about the main hosting site of the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final. There was a push to construct a new billion dollar "national stadium" in New Zealand along Auckland's dockyards, but the waterfront proposal has been pushed back in favour of an upgrade to venerable Eden Park.

The mismash dual-use Eden Park has been around since 1900 and was the site of the very first World Cup final in 1987. The stadium has been the site of some of the greatest international and national rugby matches in NZ's history.

Eden Park current

Above - Eden Park currently has a capacity of 48,000.

Eden Park proposed

The upgrade is expected to boost the capacity to 60,000 and put a semi-enclosed roof over the heads of the spectators.

In related news:

IRB Announces RWC 2011 Tournament Window

17 NOVEMBER 2006

The International Rugby Board (IRB) has announced that as part of its continued review of the International Match and Tours Schedule and the creation of a fully integrated season the seventh Rugby World Cup Tournament in New Zealand will take place in September-October 2011.

“The development and implementation of an integrated season that suits all stakeholders in the Game is a complex one. It is fair to say that we have made forward progress on the issue and Council Members will review detailed proposals for an interim International Match and Tours Schedule for 2008-2019 over the coming months, with a view to making an announcement on its implementation in May 2007, “ said IRB Chairman, Dr Syd Millar.

“The existing schedule for international matches evolved historically but what is needed is a Schedule that better reflects the modern Game, takes into account all stakeholder groups and one that fits strategically with the development goals of the IRB.”

“The placement of the Rugby World Cup Tournament is of paramount importance as it has a huge affect on the Rugby calendar, both in the year it is played and in the four-year cycle between Tournaments. To assist the continued work on the integrated season Council has announced that the seventh Rugby World Cup in New Zealand will take place in September and October in 2011.”

“Under consideration by Council is a permanent playing window for Rugby World Cup. However, now we know Rugby World Cup 2011 will be played in the September-October window we can carry out further detailed analysis on the Tournament’s economic and scheduling impact on the world Game, including the International Match and Tours Schedule,” added Dr Millar.

The exact dates for Rugby World Cup 2011 will be announced by the IRB and Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd in the coming months.



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