Sunday, April 01, 2007

Slovenian rugby fight

July 20, 2006

Can't we all just get along? Yes, I think it's possible.

Featured here is a remarkable full-on brawl between the Olympija rugby club in Slovenia (green and white hoops) and a nameless opponent that looks suspiciously like the Mooloo Men. (Nah, can't be.) It starts with a suplex and then all manner of nastiness breaks losse.

Crazy-assed brawl video here.

The Red Terror doesn't condone this sort of thing.

Especially the girlie kicking.

He just wants to point out that Slovenian players can lose their cool and still be gentleman afterwards. The players from the club sides put their differences aside, shake hands, hug and applaud one another after the brawl subsides. The gauntlet the opponents have to walk looks intimidating, but the smiles look legit. Helps me retain some faith. The respect shown after the shameful act is actually rather extraordinary.

And I like the kids playing catch with the rugby ball behind the goal area at the 1:05 mark, behaving as though the on-going fight is nothing out of the ordinary. Tho' I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to feel relieved about that or disturbed.

(Via, h/t Gibbon at The Silver Fern.)


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