Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wales get wasted

Wales got humiliated by England 62-5 in a friendly RWC warm-up match Saturday. Now, Wales can argue 'til thew cows come home that they trotted out a 2nd-string line-up, which it was, but the result all the same is a thrashing that begs the question what sort of warm-up and preparation they have going to France. It also makes me feel a bit better about Canada's chances going into Pool B. Wales certainly showed a lot less in their warm-up against England, than did Canada against the All Blacks seven weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Mick Cleary at The Telegraph finally has his blog back online. A commenter "James T" rightly rounds on Cleary with some well-timed upper-cuts ("Why Bag the Blacks?") for a clumsy allegation that had me cocking mine own fist.


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