Monday, January 21, 2008

Julian White plays old time hockey

English-international Julian White loses his mind in Saturday Heineken Cup action (Leicester beat Leinster 25-9, however both teams are eliminated from knockout stage), and is handed a yellow card for his Tie Domi impersonation on a defenseless Malcolm O'Kelly. It should have been a red, and if cited, you'd think a possible suspension. But something makes me think once the on-field officials have adjudicated on the matter, that's the end of the story, it can't be further reviewed. (I could be wrong... I'll try to find out.)


At 9:23 PM , Blogger Philip said...

I think the citing officials can rule regardless of what action the referees take, which makes it different to football.

However, it may well be tournament specific as to what the citers can and can't do. I know in the Super 14 they can suspend regardless of whatever happened on the pitch.


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