Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Barbarians thump Bokke

A thrown-together-at-the-last-minute Barbarians, composed primarily of Kiwis, Okkers and South Sea Islanders, beat down a watered-down "world champion" Springboks at Twickenham on Saturday in front of an empty-lookin' crowd of 58,000 spectators (the stadium upper-ring was completely empty due to "rail works" (huh?)). It was an excellent, exciting game with total commitment, and went a long way to answering the question of whether Baabaas games are still relevant. The score was a comprehensive 22-5 victory over the World Cup holders, so there's your answer. It was Jake White's last game as Bok coach, and so too the final first class game of a thrilling career for two-code superstar Jason "Billy Whizz" Robinson. Old-time ex-AB scrummie Justin "Meg" Marshall spent much of the games' first spell looking slow afoot and throwing those dangerous long loaping passes that give Kiwis hemorrhoids. But in the second half he made repeatedly awesome scything tackles around the rucks that would have done any world class openside flanker proud, dragging down many 'Boks on the burst around the fringes, and spritely back up on his feet in nanoseconds in his own '22, helping prevent the Africans from taking anything away from lengthy line attacks in the 2nd-half drizzle. The defense by the cobbled-together team was magnificent across the park.

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