Tuesday, September 08, 2009

John Peel in Dallas

John Peel died five years ago, much too young. He would have been 70 years old on August 30th. I've been away a couple weeks hiking in the wilderness of Nova Scotia, so missed the anniversary. Earlier me and my pal Sean cobbled together a short film tribute, inspired by a JFK conspiracy hobbyist who was tracking down a lead about Peel attending Lee Harvey Oswald's midnight press conference on that fateful day in 1963. I interviewed Peel back in 1996 and got him talking about the experience, and that audio narrative informs the film and the clips we co-opted, borrowed, stole. So in the spirit of guerilla-style pirate radio from Peel's early days, here 'tis, enjoy!

Thanks to S.E., S.S. and J.C.

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