Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Logo

Pinch me. Thank you to the Board, and thank-you to the taxpayers of Auckland.

You did the right thing.

NZ Herald:

Board passes up name bid

Eden Park's bosses passed up an opportunity to sell naming rights to the home of rugby - a sponsorship deal that could have covered most of the park's $40 million redevelopment shortfall.

They don't want to sell the name, saying people would be aghast if Eden Park was renamed after a corporate - but the decision means ratepayers must plug the gap.

The $256m park redevelopment has been funded by a number of partners, with the majority paid for by the Government. But the $40m shortfall has been picked up by Auckland City ratepayers. [...]



At 3:32 PM , Anonymous New Zealand Rugby World Cup Trip said...

It is great that they keep the heritage of the name alive. I hate the way the stadiums in Canada have taken on sponsors and the fact that the names of the stadiums change so often.

Unfortunately I won't be at any of the games in Auckland but I will be at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington... geesh!


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