Thursday, April 05, 2007

Al gets letters

February 2, 2007

He couldn't be talking about me ... could he? May-be...


Mr. Charron,

What do you think of some of the rugby opinions expressed on the various Canadian rugby websites?

Harry Johnson


Well Harold,

like anything there are smart intelligent posters and then there are the ones who think they know everything but they don’t know Jack.

It must make some players, coaches and administrators’ blood boil to read some of the misinformation and pot-stirring that goes on, on these sites.

Granted some stuff is humorous but some of the stuff expressed as truth when really it is just misinformed opinions is slanderous and unfortunately taken to be facts by readers.

Anyone new to the sport of rugby and coming upon the dialogue that is expressed would come to the conclusion that a good many rugby people are apolitical, and juvenile.

Worst of all is the free reign the mostly anonymous posters have to spread their misconstrued discourse without any fear of implication due to them not being man (or woman) enough to post their real name or e-mail when sprouting their disparaging remarks about this person or that player.

Why read it? Good question. I certainly reserve the right not to but amongst the mire of crap, there is at times intelligent opinions and tidbits of useful information.

I guess the same reasoning can apply when reading my column!


Mr. Charron,

You suck!!!! Your column is way too long.

Jack Goff


Dear Jack,

You’re right- stop reading…!





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