Thursday, May 24, 2007

Canadian BCC news

Last month Al Charron was hired to the staff of Canada's senior mens rugby team. Upon the announcement, I wondered if Al might put a straitjacket on his Rugby Canada columns.

Fear not, as just today Al has posted his latest "letter," and it's an unvarnished assessment of Canada's 39-20 loss to Ireland 'A' in Churchill Cup action last weekend:

Canada had passages in the game in which they played well but again had periods of lapses where they were not up to snuff in what the coaches and experts in the game would say is required in the modern age of international rugby. [...]

Canada as a group has to collectively be mentally tough enough to play sound if not spectacular 80 minutes of rugby with no costly lapses to get international wins - it’s as simple as that.

Playing sound rugby for 65 to 70 minutes is great but not if in the 15 to 10 minutes that you don’t, you soil the linen so badly it costs you the game.

Read the entire post. It's refreshing. The words are tough, but not destructive criticism, instead being just the sort of experienced straight talk the squad needs building toward September.

This weekend Canada faces an even sterner task, as the Canadians tackle the New Zealand Maori:

Canada: 1. Kevin Tkachuk, 2. Pat Riordan, 3. Scott Franklin, 4. Luke Tait, 5. Mike Burak, 6. Mike Webb, 7. Adam Kleeberger, 8. David Biddle, 9. Ed Fairhurst (captain), 10. Ander Monro, 11. James Pritchard, 12. David Daypuck, 13. Craig Culpan, 14. Dean Van Camp, 15. Mike Pyke. Reserves: 16. Aaron Carpenter, 17. Dan Pletch, 18. Mike Pletch, 19. Josh Jackson, 20. Stan McKeen, 21. Morgan Williams, 22. Nathan Hirayama.

New Zealand Maori: 1. Keith Cameron, 2. Luke Mahoney, 3. Hoani Tui, 4. Kristian Ormsby, 5. Isaac Ross, 6. Angus Macdonald, 7. Scott Waldrom, 8. Warren Smith, 9. Chris Smylie, 10. Callum Bruce, 11. Anthony Tahanae, 12. Rua Tipoki (captain), 13. Jason Kawau, 14. Pehi Te Whare, 15. Shannon Paku. Reserves: 16. Aled de Malmanche, 17. Craig West, 18. Jarrad Hoeata, 19. Hayden Triggs, 20. James Rodley, 21. Tamati Ellison, 22. Dwayne Sweeney.

NZ-based Canadian centre Craig Culpan will be facing some familiar faces.

For more information, go here, here and here.



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