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Rugby Canada press release:


August 18, 2008

Here are the full team lineups for the Portugal vs Canada match this afternoon at Twin Elm Rugby Park in Ottawa.

It is the first full test at a senior level between the two sides, though in the match between Canada Select and Portugal A, the home side built a 34-3 half time lead before taking the game 34-18.

The game can be heard live online via the Rugby Canada Network - by clicking here starting at 1:50 PM EST.

You can then watch the game on television on delay on your local cable companies access channel at 8 PM EST (in most markets channel 10 or channel 20, but check listings in your area.)

Alternatively an online feed of the game is going to be made available through Rogers, starting at 8 PM EST - and then we will have an archived version of the game available by Sunday. Use this link to find the video link once it goes live on Rogers.

Team Lineups:

CANADA: 1. Rod Snow (Newfoundland Rock), 2. Pat Riordan (Burnaby Lake RFC), 3. Jon Thiel (Bayside Sharks), 4. Luke Tait (Overmach Parma, Italy), 5. Mike James (captain) (Stade Francais, France), 6. Jamie Cudmore (Clermont Auvergne, FRA), 7. Adam Kleeberger (U Vic Vikes), 8. Sean Michael Stephen (Beziers, France), 9. Ed Fairhurst (Cornish Pirates, UK), 10. Ryan Smith (Montauban, France), 11. James Pritchard (Bedford, UK), 12. David Spicer (U Vic Vikes), 13. Craig Culpan (Meraloma), 14. DTH van der Merwe (James Bay), 15. Mike Pyke (Montauban, France). RESERVES: 16. Aaron Carpenter (Brantford Harlequins), 17. Dan Pletch (Oakville Crusaders), 18. Mike Pletch (Oakville Crusaders), 19. Mike Burak (Pau, France), 20. Colin Yukes (Agen, France), 21. Matt Weingart (Castaway Wanderers), 22. Steve Piatek (Brantford Harlequins). Coach: Ric Suggitt. Assistants: John Tait, Glen Ella, Kevin Wirachowski. Managers: Bob McGeein, Terry MacPherson.

PORTUGAL: 1. Juan Murre (OS Belenenses), 2. Joaquain Ferreira (CDUP), 3. Cristian Spacuhk (OS Belenenses), 4. Goncalo Uva (captain) (GD Direito), 5. Juan Severino (AEIS Agronomia), 6. Diogo Coutinho (GD Direito), 7. Joao Uva (Os Belenenses), 8. Vasco Uva (GD Direito), 9. Luis Pissarra (AEIS Agronomia), 10. Pedro Cabral (CDUL), 11. Pedro Carvalho (G D Direito), 12. Diogo Mateus (Os Belenenses), 13. Frederico Sousa (GD Direito), 14. Antonio Aguilar (GD Direito), 15. Pedro Leal (GD Direito). RESERVES: 16. Andre Silva (Mont de Marsan), 17. Joao Correia (GD Direito), 18. David Penalva (Blanagc), 19. Pedro Murinello (Casacais), 20. Jose Pinto (GD Direito), 21. Duarte Pinto (AEIS Agronomia), 22. Miguel Portela (GD Direito). Coach: Tomaz Morais, Daniel Hourcade, Adam Leach. Manager: Rui Alvarez.

For more information about the newly launched Rugby Canada Network (RCN), click here.

***Note: The friendly England vs. France pre-RWC rubber-match goes this afternoon in Marseille. Will be broadcast at Setanta Sports at 2:30 p.m. ET.


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