Monday, August 13, 2007

RWC: Canada's pool matches on Sportsnet?

Here's a curious (and unconfirmed) posting dated Fri. August 10th, to a Rugby Canada forum thread that I've been entangled the past couple weeks. A new poster relates some correspondence he had with Jim LaChappelle at Sportsnet. Take it with a grain of salt until further confirmation:

"You recently emailed our network with questions regarding our coverage of the Rugby World Cup. Details have now been finalized. We will be airing all four of Canada's opening round matches during that event. The schedule will be as follows:

Sun Sept. 9th Wales vs. Canada live at 8 am (ET)/6 am (MT)/5 am (PT) across all four Sportsnet channels.

Sun Sept. 16th Fiji vs. Canada live 9 am (ET)/7 am (MT)/6 am (PT) across all four Sportsnet channels.

Tue. Sept. 25 Canada vs. Japan live 12 pm (ET)/10 am (MT)/9 am (PT) across all four Sportsnet channels.

Sat. Sept. 29 Australia vs. Canada live at 9 am (ET)/7 am (MT)/6 am (PT) across two of the four Sportsnet channels for digital customers.

If you only have one Sportsnet channel, your only option will be to see it on tape delay at 4 pm (ET)/2 pm (MT)/1 pm (PT) later that same day.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Jim LaChapelle
Audience Relations

Partial confirmation from Chris Zelkovich's column in The Toronto Star:

Setanta's proposed channel will also affect rugby fans.

They will have to dig into their wallets, too, since Setanta has similar plans for next month's World Cup tournament. While Rogers Sportsnet will air Canada's first-round games, all the others will be carried on the Setanta channels.

A package of games will be available for $199, O'Rourke said.

"This is a concern for us," said Rugby Canada spokesperson Nick Taylor. "By not having games (on regular cable channels) we're losing an opportunity to attract new fans."


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