Thursday, August 30, 2007

England's new kit a weebit nancy-boyish

Legendary hooker and England international Brian Moore digs his finely manicured nails into Nike's new England jersey & kit.

In a Telegraph commentary last week, Moore writes:

For a brief moment, as the away team emerged from their dressing room in Marseille on Saturday night, I thought Arsenal had mistakenly stepped into the wrong bear pit. Naturally, this error was quickly corrected by the fact that there were English players in the team in red, but am I the only person who loathes both England's World Cup strips?

One looks gay and the other makes you want to belt out "Swing Low, Sweet Chav-iot," redolent as it is of the worst in chavball/ council-estate excess.

Flash Gordon, eat your heart out!


At 3:22 AM , Blogger Nursedude said...

As bad as the New kit is for England, I think the new Jumpers for the Wallabys are even worse.


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