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The Sean Corner Benefit Fund

November 7, 2006

Rugby Canada press release:


November 07, 2006
Victoria, BC

Canada’s National Senior Men’s Wales and Italy tour squad has launched a unique plan to sell their game jerseys, and those of their Welsh opponents, through eBAY, to aid a young Canadian rugby player paralyzed in an on-field accident.

On September 9th, 2006, Sean Corner, a 21 year-old rugby player with the Hamilton Hornets RFC, suffered a spinal cord injury in a clean tackle during a post-season friendly match. He will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Though Sean has Ontario Provincial Health coverage, he will need lifelong support not covered, since the accident occurred just a day after Rugby Canada’s catastrophic insurance ran out.

Immediate costs include the renovation of Sean’s family home to accommodate a wheelchair, and the cost of a specialized automobile for Sean to drive.

“We have decided to target two markets for this fundraiser,” says team spokesman, Canadian hooker and former Canada captain Mark Lawson. “As usual, we plan to trade our game jerseys with the Welsh players after our match in Cardiff on the 17th.

“We will post those Welsh jerseys on for auction hoping to target Welsh fans, who, we hope, will want to purchase one of their heroes’ jerseys.

“For our second match against Italy on the 25th, the Canadian team will donate their jerseys for sale to buyers in the Canadian rugby and business community. One-hundred percent of the profits will go directly to the Sean Corner Benefit Fund.

“We are cognizant of the fact that a tragedy such as Sean’s could easily befall any one of us,” continues Lawson. “So we are eager to do our part in mitigating the financial strain that has been placed on Sean and his family.

“All of the Canadian players are behind this effort. When asked whether or not they would be willing to part with their two test jerseys on this upcoming tour, the response from the Canadian players was a resounding, yes.”

Further information regarding links to where and when the jerseys will be available on eBAY will be published in future releases.

The Hamilton Rugby Club continues to hold a variety of fund raising events for Sean. To learn more go to


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