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Al Charron and the Canadian Catch-22

August 29, 2006

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Ex-Canadian captain Al Charron has his latest commentary up and laments the lack of rugby exposure on Canadian television. Like myself, he's dismayed and disappointed that Canada's all-important RWC qualifying match against the United States in Newfoundland two weeks ago was unavailable. And he's not happy with the alternatives on Canadian sports TV either, like "boring orgasmic groaning between two grown men as they discuss ‘the beautiful fish’ they just caught on their fishing show." Tell it like it is, Al!


August 24, 2006

Last week I touched on ever so briefly the fact that it was a shame that the game two weeks ago between Canada and the USA was not televised so that the rugby fans both here and in the USA could see their national teams play in a very important RWC qualifier.

Based on the score line I would have to say the American players were probably glad after the fact that there was no TV coverage, though our boys would have loved to have seen the game being properly recorded to reach the masses and bask in the glory of such a fine performance (with all due respect to Mark Bryant and his hand held recording found on the BC rugby news web page which was better than nothing for those not in attendance).

I touched on this matter once again this week because I have fielded many e-mails and queries from rugby friends as to why on God’s great earth was this game seen not fit to be televised?

The answer that I have received from RC headquarters is that of course they wanted the game to be televised and the intention was that they would. However when taking into account the actual cost it would incur to broadcast the game it was found to be too pricey.

Please read below some of the reasons why some rugby games are televised and why some are not in Canada as per the information (e-mail) I received from Nick Taylor the director of marketing and communications at Rugby Canada.

Read the whole commentary...


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