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WRWC: Canada vs. NZ live on The Score

August 29, 2006

Rugby Canada press release:


August 29, 2006

On Thursday, August 31st, international women’s rugby will be shown live on television across Canada. The match-up could not be better: the hosts playing the defending World Champions.

Canada versus New Zealand, live from Ellerslie Rugby Park in Edmonton marking the start of the 2006 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

This first match of the tournament is being produced and aired by The Score television network. In addition to the coast-to-coast coverage here, the Score’s production will also be broadcast to numerous other nations over the course of the tournament.

Launched as a sports news station in 1997, The Score is available in every major market across Canada, providing over 5.5 million households with unique and extensive sports coverage.

After several years of decreased rugby programming on Canadian television, The Score reversed the trend in 2006.

Rugby coverage on The Score starts with Sportsworld, a daily half-hour international sports show on The Score which has been covering rugby on a regular basis since 1998.

Total Rugby joined the programming schedule in February of this year; it airs on The Score on Sundays and Mondays.

The Churchill Cup in June finally brought live rugby back to Canadian airwaves. All the games played in Canada were broadcast live. Now it is time for the women’s game.

Canada versus New Zealand: live on The Score, Thursday, August 31st. The coverage starts 12pm local time MT (2pm ET, 11am PT).

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